February 12, 2017 12:14 pm Published by

Editorial design for the first volume of Afetiries, a publication by the greek architecture magazine Δομές International Review of Architecture.... View Article


December 9, 2016 7:00 pm Published by

Melima is the new name of Milelia, a distinguished Greek brand for traditional, handmade delicacies. Following an ownership change in... View Article

Tart Gallery

June 17, 2015 7:13 am Published by

“Tart” (french for prostitute), is a small new gallery in Zurich. A gallery, defines the space in which the artist presents... View Article

TV Service Center

June 17, 2015 7:22 am Published by

In collaboration with Stavros Rosos, we designed the logo and visual identity for a cultural center in Kipseli, Athens. The... View Article

Domes Index

June 26, 2015 6:44 pm Published by

Δομές Index, is an online archive of greek architecture by the team of Greece’s leading architecture magazine “Δομές”. Together with... View Article


June 17, 2015 7:22 am Published by

Augoustiatis (from the word “Αύγουστος” which is greek for August) is a grape variety originally started many years ago from... View Article


June 26, 2015 10:05 am Published by

During my work experience at G Design Studio, I designed the logo and website of Maximos Zachariadis, a greek jewellery designer.... View Article